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Tim Duquette Photography

Portraits with Cheyenne
March 2, 2020

A Day in Studio with Cheyenne In this session, I really wanted to try some different techniques to control and shape light for a really moody final image. The final look that I wanted to achieve was like a Film Noir portrait. The final images turned out just how I pictured them and am very happy with the final result! If you like these and would like to book your own session Click Here and let's get started!

Hockey Portraits with Jack
February 13, 2020

Bandits Center - Jackson It was that time of year again to do some portraits with the feisty little center man for the London Bandits.  If you would like to book your own session or have any questions, click here.

Family Photos - Nouwens
October 24, 2019

Nouwens Family Photos Just as the trees begin to turn color and the fall temperatures start to dip, we took advantage of one of the last remaining nice afternoons to take a walk around Mill Pond in Dorchester. There were so many laughs that were had during this afternoon that it was hard to keep track of time. I was really thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph this wonderful family.  

Kayla's Prom
June 6, 2019

Prom Day with Kayla With the looming threat of thunderstorms on this years prom day, lady luck was on their side as we showed up London's Civic Gardens.  The dark clouds parted ways for the afternoon long enough for the students to arrive and find their friends and find their dates. So with skies clear and the clouds at bay along the horizon, we were afforded the opportunity to take some beautiful photos for the family. Kayla's hair and makeup ...