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My name is Tim Duquette,
I’m a photographer and digital artist.

My photographic journey began around 2007 when I spent countless hours sitting at a desk as a software developer. I decided to pick up photography as a hobby to get me outside away from my desk, so I purchased my first camera. From there, everything just fell into place as I experimented a bit with different things, then learned more about things I liked about a photo as my skill set evolved. 

“When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul!”
– Ted Grant

When I first started shooting, it was wildlife and the occasional landscape. Then I moved into sports of all kinds, specifically, motorcycles.  Eventually, as I grew more comfortable with my skills and my equipment, I started with people.  Now, I think my style is a combination between photojournalism, portraiture, and fine-art photography, with a goal of connecting with my subject. Through the use of some creative lighting and editing, the final product can have some depth, meaning, or invoke emotion. My goal is to produce high impact images that really encompass the personalities of the people I photograph!